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Canada In Touch Immigration Office is a licensed Canadian company specializing in immigration services. We provide a full range service package throughout Canada and around the world. We manage all of the various government programs for immigrants, students, visitors, and temporary workers. And we handle all of the paperwork and applications. At Canada In Touch, the team of experts will strive to find a solution to your immigration case, regardless of how difficult that case might be.



Hello there! We are "Canada ADM study abroad" "free agent" language school · work study abroad · colleges and universities "immigration legal consultant · study abroad immigration one-stop" headquarters 25 employees from five continents, serving 1,000 international students annually, based in Toronto, serving all world!


Over The Rainbow

We are an agency specialized in language stays and courses abroad, partners of the best language schools around the world. We advise you and help you in the arrangements before your departure and we support you throughout your stay in the chosen country.


Language Connect Ecuador

We are the official representatives of more than 50 institutions. These institutions provide different study and work plans abroad and are committed to the academic, cultural and social development of customers. We are composed of a group of well-trained professionals who can provide you with relevant information The best recommendations for the following are the procedures we provide.



Motivated by our proposal, to be the bridge of a quality educational experience and at an international level, we started operations in the process of solving the limitations for the professional development of the individual who is in search of:

  • Need for advice for students who are in the process of completing their studies and require a guide to study abroad.

  • For the needs of continuous training in companies and especially in the consolidation and learning of the English language, adjusting to the limitations on the hours available to employees of different companies and their occupations.

  • Provide a complete guide for those interested when requesting or processing their Visa and advising them for various arrangements that are managed in the country to which they are going to move.

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    With more than 17 years of experience, our agents have extensive knowledge of the processes and requirements you need to carry out your studies in each country and institutions, all have been students abroad and know each of the schools we represent. The best? We offer you a totally personalized and free advice.

    🇧🇷 BRASIL

    YES Intercâmbi

    Through a consultancy service specialized in international education, we are focused on understanding the moment and need of our students. We offer university preparation programs, technical courses, undergraduate, graduate and scholarship opportunities abroad, helping students to find a study program in a destination that will make them achieve success.

    🇲🇽 MEXICO

    World 2 Go

    W2G we are specialized in the educational sector in Ireland, and we are trained to provide support from the selection of your destination, hiring your program, to the adaptation process. We understand that this study period abroad represents a lot to you and we want to make sure that we are the best option for your needs

    🇨🇦 CANADA

    Admission Hub.

    Admission Hub is one of the biggest education and immigration firms in Toronto. We've been helping over 3000+ international students to fulfill their dreams in Canada. With 8 divisions: South Asia, Malaysia, Brazil,Mexico,Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan.